SAPA launches tailormade screen window with integrated sun shading system


SAPA launches tailormade screen window with integrated sun shading system

Together with Hunter Douglas, SAPA has developed an innovative and unique screen window solution where the solar shading system is mounted hidden in the frame top with a newly developed aluminum profile. The integrated solution creates an elegant expression that does not interfere with maximum view.

The integrated sun protection has several advantages, both for the manufacturer, the architect and the buyer. The solution provides lower total costs in relation to ordering the different products separately, both in terms of product cost and production and assembly costs. In addition, less coordination is needed between the various parties in the implementation.
- The product has been developed for two years and the market signals great interest among property developers and architects, says Ulf Alfredsson, Technical Marketing Manager at Hydro Building Systems, Region North. By integrating the sun shading system in the profile, no disturbances occur in the façade, as systems with externally façade-mounted solar shading system will do. The sun visor is completely hidden when the curtain is rolled up in the cassette. It is driven down via rails and is thus also wind stable.

Sustainable buildings with flexible sun protection

SAPA wants to make it easy and flexible for the customer to choose window solutions that contribute to creating a sustainable and healthy building for users. The curtain can be easily maintained and replaced by easy access to the profile. If the fabric gets stuck, you can easily open the profile and adjust in a smooth way.
- Another advantage is if you initially want to install windows and find out if sun protection is really necessary, then the sun shading system easily can be adapted with the new window profile afterwards, says Ulf Alfredsson.

An energy efficient window with low-carbon aluminum

Buildings use energy for both heating and cooling. The sun warms the indoor climate and energy is required to cool the rooms in the summer. When you use indoor sun protection, the sun light can be stopped, but the heat penetrates the glass and get into the room. It is therefore important to prevent the light from reaching the glass with an outdoor solar system.
- Functional and dynamic sun protection solutions create a good indoor climate and reduce the need for cooling. In addition, glare is avoided, while the user still has a good view, Alfredsson concludes.

SAPA window 1086 Screen is delivered with the aluminum alloy Hydro REDUXA, a low-carbon aluminum. By using renewable energy sources as hydropower, the carbon footprint can be reduced to less than a quarter of the global average per kilogram of aluminum. The result is an aluminum window with one of the world's lowest carbon footprints.

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