SAPA at Nordbygg - Part one



As a pioneer in circular construction, SAPA will present the next step towards a sustainable world during Nordbygg. Come along and learn how our sustainability strategy “Driving Decarbonisation” will make a difference for each of us in the future - this is how we continue to build tomorrow.

At Nordbygg we will present everything you need to know about sustainable aluminum, the unique 75/95 concept and our next steps in circularity.

Recycling aluminum lowers CO2 emissions

The production of primary aluminum from the extraction of bauxite requires a large amount of energy with current industrial processes. This translates into abundant emissions of CO2, the most important greenhouse gas and a direct cause of climate change.

By recycling aluminum scrap after consumption, the remelting process saves up to 95% of this energy and produces a material of the same high quality as primary aluminium.

Using products with Hydro Circal 75R reduces the environmental impact

The consequence of using Hydro CIRCAL is the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions that exceed 85% compared to the world average for primary aluminum production. With 1.9 kg of CO2 per kg of aluminum, Hydro CIRCAL is currently the aluminum alloy with the lowest CO2 emissions available on the market. And it won't stop there. The goal is to further reduce the footprint and use an alloy that contains 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum scrap.

The average CO2 footprint of aluminum used in Europe is 8.6 kg CO2 for every kg of aluminum. With Hydro CIRCAL, this carbon footprint drops to 1.9 kg of aluminum, preventing 6.3 kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. A typical aluminum window uses approximately 20kg of aluminium, saving an average of 126kg of CO2 emissions for each window system.

Our commitment to sustainable development continues to extend and we are already looking far ahead into the future. Hydro is the first aluminum building systems company to produce window, door and curtain wall profiles from 100% recycled aluminium: Hydro CIRCAL 100R. This new recycled material is made from 100% recycled end-of-life aluminum (post-consumer scrap). This makes it possible to produce profiles with a carbon footprint of almost zero (on average 0.5 kg CO2e/kg aluminum), the lowest in the world. In the meantime, the projects are also in progress and more will follow in 2024.


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