Hyllie Terrass – A climate neutral office in the green city district


Hyllie Terrass – A climate neutral office in the green city district

Hyllie is the city district in Malmö that keeps on growing and Hyllie Terrass is the next step in expansion. With an innovative and exiting design, the building rises with a combination of a minimalistic façade and green spaces which creates a nice contrast to how you regularly picture yourself in an office.

Net-zero in climate emissions

Hyllie Terrass set a goal to keep climate emissions at net-zero, and to accomplish this, a multitude of creative solutions have been implemented both during and after the construction, for example, the use of climate prepared green concrete, which lowers the climate footprint with 40%. To compensate for the construction footprint, the external spaces are filled with greenery, but the green fulfills another purpose too – biodiversity. The terrace is a perfect place for the residents to relax and wind down, and the design speaks volumes of how sustainability has been the focus in this project

Sustainability has been the main focus of all aspects in this project, and the green thinking has created one of the most climate neutral office buildings in Sweden. Each supplier had a requirement to disclose both emissions and climate footprint for their products. SAPA´s focus on recycled aluminum and a climate footprint that are four times lower than the European average makes Hyllie Terrass goal of a net-zero climate footprint a reality.

Reused and reduced climate footprint both indoors and outdoors

Inside the open atrium both visitors and residents will find furniture made of waste material from concrete, wood and leather. Instead of letting old wood and building material go to waste, they are used for new furniture in creative ways. All of this shows the green thinking that runs throughout the building.

Thomas Holmqvist of GlasLindberg explains how the entrance floor sometimes could be challenging to construct. “We ran in to some technical challenges along the way, for example, the entrance floor and the 6,5 meters high façade that runs from the first floor up to the second floor. But we managed to find a solution, and everything now holds up to both the sound- and light requirements that´s needed.

Certified with WELL

Just taking one step out through the doors shows what a green oasis Hyllie Terrass is. Common areas outside create opportunities to meet and exchange ideas, but also a break from the office space. The building aims to create a sustainable environment for the inhabitants as well, and proof of this is the building's health certification Well. The building also has a built-in bicycle garage with bikes to loan, its own restaurant and showers and locker rooms for those who want to take a quick workout in the nearby park during lunch hours. All of this creates a building that is just as good for the environment as it is for its inhabitants.

A continued effort towards a new and sustainable city district.

“For us at GlasLindberg, being a part of the project was very exciting. The thing that worked out especially well is the co-operation between all the contractors. We have had a good working relationship with Skanska and managed to figure out details together, which in turn has left us with a very beautiful building. I especially what to highlight the southern part of the buildings terrace with its big glass partitions used. The façade really comes to its own there”.

Hyllie Terrass really sets the bar for what a green office can be. A clear vision in conjunction with well thought out decisions has created a climate-smart building that in an effective and well thought out way lets the environment be a part of the office, both exterior and interior. A place where new construction and green integrate in the best possible way.



SAPA costumer: GlasLindberg

SAPA products: Door- and window partitions 1086/2086 & facade 4150

Architect: COBE Arkitektur

Entrepreneur: Skanska

Photographer: Viktor Holm