SAPA 2050

Sliding Door, Manual


Our manual 2050 sliding doors are based on a stable solution. The system is based on uninsulated aluminium profiles with a profile depth of 50 mm. The fixed parts can also be made of the 3050 or the 3074 system profiles.

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Zalety produktu


  • Versions. Single-wing and double-wing sliding doors
  • Application areas. Stable system suitable for interiors where a greater clear dimension is required for passage


  • Door leaf weight. Max. 80 kg
  • Locks. The door leaf can be equipped with locks in the front and the back edge

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Funkcje okuć

Clear dimension

When calculating the clear dimension we have taken into account the risk for squeeze injuries at the door leaf back edge.

Single-wing door

Max. clear dimension = (Frame outside dimension - 344) / 2
Min. frame outside dimension = 2 x Clear dimension + 344

Double-wing door

Max. clear dimension = (Frame outside dimension - 557) / 2
Min. frame outside dimension = 2 x Clear dimension + 557

Elewacje i szczegóły

A2050-1016 12344142434456
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A2050-1017 12341424467
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Projekty drzwi SAPA 2050

Science & Technology Center Santaka, Kaunas


Building: Science & Technology Center Santaka
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Construction year: 2011-2013
Architect: G. Janulytė-Bernotienė Studio
Producers: Velansta UAB and Firelita UAB

Facades: Sapa 4150
Windows: Sapa 1074
Doors: Sapa 2074, 2074 fire resistant, 2050
Surface finish: RAL 9016, 7024
Glass: 6 Sun Guard HSN 62/34 – 18 Arg – 33.1 Laminated

Photographer: Hans Bonnevier

Kaisa library building, Helsinki


Building and location: Kaisa library building, Helsinki, Finland
Construction year: 2012
Architect: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy, design team leader Vesa Oiva
Producer: Normek Oy
Developer: Helsinki University

Windows: 1074, special frames 74936 and frame profile 300x80, prof 370060. In total approximately 600 fixed windows.
Doors: Sapa 2050, 2074
Surface finish, powder coating:
External: RAL 9016 matte
Internal: RAL 9016 matte

Photography: Voitto Niemelä

Karlstad bus station, Karlstad


Facility: Karlstad bus station
Place: Karlstad, Sweden

Glazed elements: Sapa 3050
Sliding doors: Sapa sliding entrance door 2050
Surface finish: Powder coating NCS-5 5040-Y80R

Photography: Hans Bonnevier