Glazed Elements / Fixed Windows

SAPA 3050

Glazed elements

Uninsulated glazed elements and fixed windows


The 3050 Glazed Elements system consists of 50 mm deep uninsulated aluminium profiles. Glazing is done from the inside with the use of glazing beads.

The profiles are designed so as to ensure stability under the dimensioning loads and are joined together with hidden joints.


Product benefits


  • Framework profiles. Profile depth 50-120 mm, profile width 52-250 mm.
  • Opening windows. Easily integrated.
  • Doors. Hinge type and sliding doors can be easily integrated.

More information

Specifications & EPD

Infill panels

Certain parts of the elements can or must be filled with infill panels. It is important to consider the backing and the surface layer of the panels. If the infill panels are exposed to heavy impacts or mechanical loads, the backing should be made of durable board and the surface layer should be made of stainless or glass enamelled steel sheet.

Infill panel F2
1,5 mm Aluminium sheet
3,2 mm Board
25 mm Insulation
3,2 mm Board
1,5 mm Aluminium sheet

Infill panel F3
1,5 mm Aluminium sheet
12 mm Chipboard
20 mm Insulation
1,5 mm Aluminium sheet

Infill panel F4
1,5 mm Aluminium sheet
20 mm Insulation
10 mm Sapa boarding


Unprotected glazed surfaces, which are located so that persons can reach them and shall be designed to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.

Functional dimensions
Glass thickness 3-33 mm

The illustration shows the different functional dimensions commonly used by the window industry and established by the MTK. The gaskets are made of EPDM rubber and are available in several versions.

Asymmetrically installed glazing unit
Glass thickness 3-33 mm

Symmetrically installed glazing unit
Glass thickness 5-10 mm

Elevations And Details

A3050-1004 11011122212223243566
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A3050-1005 11234142447
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A3050-1006 11112236
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Fixing Principles

Fixing principles

Glazed elements must be fixed to a stable and suitable wall structure. The choice of fixing method depends on the wall type. The number and location of fixing points depends on the size of the element.
Fixing of frame
with twist anchor

Fixing of frame
with adjustable frame bushing

Fixing of frame
with bolt and welded plate

Projects using glazed elements / fixed windows SAPA 3050

Karlstad bus station, Karlstad


Facility: Karlstad bus station
Place: Karlstad, Sweden

Glazed elements: Sapa 3050
Sliding doors: Sapa sliding entrance door 2050
Surface finish: Powder coating NCS-5 5040-Y80R

Photography: Hans Bonnevier