Certificates and regulations

Quality/ Enivironmental - Certificates

We assure our quality and fulfil our ambitions in the field of environmental protection through the following quality documents and certificates (pdf):

Fire Swedish Technical Approval SC0836-14
Wall and Door partition 2086 EI 30

Fire Swedish Technical Approval SC1457-16
Door partition 2086 EI 60

Fire Swedish Technical Approval 1199/94
Wall and Door partition 2050 and 2060 E30, A30, EI15, EI30

P-marking 144502 Issued by the Rise Research Institutes Of Sweden (RISE) in BorĂ¥s

Management System Certificate EN ISO 9001

Environmental Policy

Transportation Cradles Manuals

To minimize the risk of incorrect handling of Sapa transportation cradles and contribute to a safe and accident free handling, we kindly ask our customers to observe the below mentioned directions carefully:

Sapa Transportation Cradle Manual - Handling of Cradles
Sapa Transportation Cradle Manual - Return of Cradles