SAPA 2050

Sliding Door, manual

Non-insulated entrances manual sliding doors


Our manual 2050 sliding doors are based on a stable solution. The system is based on uninsulated aluminium profiles with a profile depth of 50 mm. The fixed parts can also be made of the 3050 or the 3086 system profiles.

This product is made of Hydro REDUXA® - Aluminum produced from renewable energy. Read more here


Product benefits


  • Single-wing and double-wing sliding doors.
  • Locks. The door leaf can be equipped with locks in the front and the back edge.
  • Door leaf weight. Max. 80 kg.


  • Application areas. Stable system suitable for interiors where a greater clear dimension is required for passage.

More information

Specifications & EPD

Clear dimension

When calculating the clear dimension we have taken into account the risk for squeeze injuries at the door leaf back edge.

Single-wing door

Max. clear dimension = (Frame outside dimension - 344) / 2
Min. frame outside dimension = 2 x Clear dimension + 344

Double-wing door

Max. clear dimension = (Frame outside dimension - 557) / 2
Min. frame outside dimension = 2 x Clear dimension + 557


Unprotected glazed surfaces which are so located that they can be reached by persons shall be designed so as to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.

Functional dimensions  
Glass thickness 5-33 mm

The illustration shows the different functional dimensions commonly used by the window industry and established by the MTK. The gaskets are made of EPDM rubber and are available in several versions.

Glass thickness 5-33 mm

Infill panels

Certain parts of the elements can or must be filled with infill panels. It is important to consider the backing and the surface layer of the panels. If the infill panels are exposed to heavy impacts or mechanical loads, the backing should be made of durable board and the surface layer should be made of stainless or glass enamelled steel sheet.

Infill panel F2
1.5 mm Aluminium sheet
3.2 mm Board
25 mm Insulation
3.2 mm Board
1.5 mm Aluminium sheet

Infill panel F3
1.5 mm Aluminium sheet
12 mm Chipboard
20 mm Insulation
1.5 mm Aluminium sheet

Infill panel F4
1.5 mm Aluminium sheet
20 mm Insulation
10 mm Sapa boarding

Threshold alternatives

Sliding door without threshold

Sliding door with embedded threshold

Elevations And Details

A2050-1016 12344142434456
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A2050-1017 12341424467
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Fixing Principles

Fixing principles

Door elements must be fixed to a stable and suitable wall structure. The choice of fixing method depends on the wall type. The number and location of fixing points depends on the size of the element.


Fixing of frame with
twist anchor         

Fixing of frame with
bolt and welded plate        

Fixing of frame with
adjustable frame bushing

Projects using doors SAPA 2050

Science & Technology Center Santaka, Kaunas


Building: Science & Technology Center Santaka
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Construction year: 2011-2013
Architect: G. Janulytė-Bernotienė Studio
Producers: Velansta UAB and Firelita UAB

Facades: Sapa 4150
Windows: Sapa 1074
Doors: Sapa 2074, 2074 fire resistant, 2050
Surface finish: RAL 9016, 7024
Glass: 6 Sun Guard HSN 62/34 – 18 Arg – 33.1 Laminated

Photographer: Hans Bonnevier

Angered Arena, Gothenburg


Building and location: New swimming and ice complex in Angered, Gothenburg, Sweden
Construction year: 2013
Architect: Erséus Arkitekter AB
Producer: Alpro Aluminiumfasader AB

Doors: Sapa 2074 and Sapa 2050
Interior sections: Sapa Facade 4150
Fire protection: Sapa Fire Resistant Doors 2074 EI30 and 2074 EI60, Sapa Fire Resistant Panels 3074 EI30
Surface finish: Natural anodised.
Miscellaneous: The perforated cassettes on the building exterior are made of 3 mm aluminium sheet in five colours:
NCS 1010-G, NCS 1510-G, NCS 2010-G,
NCS 2010-B90G and NCS 3010-B90G.
The cassettes are suspended on a system of aluminium L- och Uprofiles designed by Alpro Aluminiumfasader.

Photographer: Hans Bonnevier

Plassen Cultural Centre, Molde


Facility: Plassen Cultural Centre
Place: Molde, Norway
Construction year: 2011-2012
Architect: 3XN, Copenhagen
Fabricator: H-Produkter AS
Proprietor: Molde Kommune and others

Facades: Sapa 4150 with Add decorative caps
Glazed elements: Sapa 3074, fire rating A60
Doors: Sapa 2050, 2074
Windows: Sapa 1074
Glazed roof: Sapa 5050
Surface finish: Clear anodised
Glass: Suncool Brilliant 70/35 S1 Superenergy

Photography: Hans Bonnevier

Kaisa library building, Helsinki


Building and location: Kaisa library building, Helsinki, Finland
Construction year: 2012
Architect: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy, design team leader Vesa Oiva
Producer: Normek Oy
Developer: Helsinki University

Windows: 1074, special frames 74936 and frame profile 300x80, prof 370060. In total approximately 600 fixed windows.
Doors: Sapa 2050, 2074
Surface finish, powder coating:
External: RAL 9016 matte
Internal: RAL 9016 matte

Photography: Voitto Niemelä

AB Strömslunds Snickerifabrik, Skillingaryd


Objekt och ort: AB Strömslunds Snickerifabrik, Skillingaryd, Sweden
Byggår: 2012-2013
Arkitekt: Happy Architects / P-O Bonnevier Arkitektkontor AB
Producent: SKALAB
Montage: Ryds Glas Jönköping
Entreprenör: Pålssons Bygg AB
Ägare: Fastighets AB Strömslunds Snickerifabrik

Fasader: Sapa 4150
Dörrar: Sapa 2074, Sapa 2050
Ytbehandling: Powder Coating, NCS-S 7000-N, NCS-S 1000-N

Photography: Hans Bonnevier

Översättning saknas!

Inspiria Science Center, Sarpsborg


Facility: Science and Innovation Center in Sarpsborg, Norway/ Passive building-standard
Place: Grålum, Sarpsborg, Norway
Construction year: 2010 - 2011
Architect: AART architects A/S, Denmark
Fabricator: Saint-Gobain Bøckmann AS
Proprietor: Inspiria eiendom AS

Facades: Sapa 4150 SX, Sapa 3074 with BIPV. Sapa 3050 inside
Doors: Sapa 2050 and 2074
Windows: Sapa 1074 SX, inward opening

Photography: Hans Bonnevier