Aluminium Sliding Doors


Pull and slide


TIGAL is a hybrid pull-slide system that combines the advantages of a sliding door with the performance of a window. This product is ideal for meeting the challenges of climate change effects as it has excellent thermal insulation and water tightness compared to traditional sliding systems. A patented central sealing system and full perimeter locking means that exceptional water-tightness is guaranteed and is up to four times greater than a traditional sliding door. Sleek lines and concealed drainage and hardware provide a fully balanced aesthetic along with smooth and silent operation for ease of use. 

System features of the TIGAL Pull-Slide System: 

  • Operation of the system - opens by internal dislodgement of 6mm with the opening part then sliding in parallel with the fixed pane
  • Hybrid system has a multi-point locking system around the perimeter and a patented water-tightness system
  • Visible or concealed opening 
  • Concealed Hardware
  • Concealed Drainage
  • Micro-ventilation
    • Offset of 6mm from the opening position
    • Locking in security position
  • Recessed threshold
    • Lowered access threshold of 15mm high
    • Performances maintained
  • Minimal manoevering effort - Class 1
  • Available with or without thermal break

Our brochure is available to download on the documentation tab above. 

SAPA IE | TIGAL Brochure
SAPA IE | TIGAL Datasheet

Product benefits


  • Floor-to-ceiling heights possible up to H: 2.70 m – W: 4 m (1leaf + 1 fixed)
  • Weight: up to 300 kg per leaf
  • Glazing thickness up to 52 mm


  • Micro-ventilation:
    - Offset of 6 mm from the opening
    - Locking in security position
  • Recessed threshold
    - Disabled access threshold of 15mm high
    - Maintained performance


  • Visible or concealed opening
  • Concealed hardware
  • Concealed drainage


  • Thermal:Uw up to: 0.85 W/m²K (Ug: 0.5 W/m²K ) - triple glazing, Tlw = 0.63, Sw = 0.51 - 1 leaf + fixed, L x H = 2.30 x 2.18
  • Tightness: Air permeability: Class A4
    - Micro-ventilation: Class A1
  • Water-tightness E1200
    Wind pressure resistance: Class 5 - Service pressure 1200 Pa - Security pressure 1800 Pa
    Class 5 up to 3000 Pa (available end 2019)
    Rw (C;Ctr): 45dB
    Double glazing 50 mm: 88.2 Si / 20 / 66.2 Si
  • Minimal manoeuvring effort: Class 1
  • Burglar resistance features: Level RC2 and PAS24* (*Available early 2021)