Focus on Sustainability

House of Choice, Scandinavians first 0-energy hotel building covered by a circular thinking.

Sustainable and eco-friendly buildings are and will be the mainly focus when we are talking about the future cities based on greener solutions with a circular economy in mind. House of Choice in Stockholm, Sweden, is the first 0-energy hotel building in Scandinavia. The project is covered by solar cells as well as recycled aluminium facades. “Our approach of what has already been built have to change and the industry needs to shift from linear processes into more circular flows, where recycling and reusing of materials need to be set in focus.” Says Raimo Joss, White Arkitekter. Den 11 våningar höga byggnaden är ritad av White Arkitekter. Ett besök på hotellet ska inspirera till ett hållbart sätt att leva vare sig du övernattar på hotellet, bor i long-stay lägenheterna, tränar på gymmet eller jobbar på kontoret. “Vi vill gärna visa vägen med House of Choice och integrera hållbara lösningar i arkitekturen genom att förena ny teknik med ett mer traditionellt byggande” Säger Petter Wesslander, White Arkitekter.
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Sustainable architecture

To develope an even more sustainable architecture is an issue that is increasingly one of the biggest topic in the industry. Driving the green way in the construction industry will make a big difference for our climate. The architect must be able to design buildings that are sustainable as well as beautiful.
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An educational example of sustainable design

Large areas of glass, plenty of daylight and open views are the foundations of the greenest school in Norway. Thanks to the use of natural materials and bold environmental choices the award-winning building that houses the new Horten high school sets the standard for the future.
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Wanted: Old metal for new products

One of our best arguments for aluminium is its good recycling properties. Aluminium can in principle be remelted and reused forever, and only 5 percent of the energy is needed for remelting compared to that of primary aluminium production. And 75 percent of all aluminium produced in history is still in use.
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Sustainable glass façades

Sustainability has gone from being a trend to a golden rule for living on our planet. It’s about living in ways that enable us to obtain what we need without harming others or the natural environment. Contributing to sustainable development is about meeting our current needs without preventing future generations from getting their needs met. Today’s construction industry is responsible for a large share of global emissions as well as energy and resource consumption. It goes without saying that actions in this area have a crucial bearing on the environment. For this reason, various standards have been established for evaluating construction sustainability based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
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