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Confort 160

Confort 160 Lift Slide Door

The Ultimate Slider


Confort 160 is a high performance thermally insulated lift-sliding door system, with a user-friendly lift-slide action. The system, with an attractive aesthetic line, is durable, stable and remarkably energy efficient. With a maximum vent weight up to 400 kg large glazed areas are easily attainable. 

Confort 160 was designed to offer high end aluminium lift-slide doors with large glass surfaces and heavy glass loads with minimal sightlines. C160 profiles are coupled with 40mm omega shaped, glass fibre reinforced polyamidestrips, which reduce thermal conduction. It is also possible in this system to gradually enhance thermal values with application of thermal inserts.

System features of the Confort 160 aluminium lift-slide door: 

  • Confort 160 profiles are coupled with 40 mm omega shaped, glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, which reduce thermal conduction. Thermal values can further be enhanced through the selective application of thermal inserts. The result is that Confort 160 achieves a high thermal performance level and improved total insulation, leading to lower total energy consumption, a positive benefit to the environment
  • The system accommodates glazing up to 53 mm.
  • 4 thermal levels available: basic, Insulated (I), Super Insulated (SI) and Super High Insulated (SHI)

Design features of the Confort 160 aluminium lift-slide door: 

  • Confort 160 Sliding Door was designed to offer appealing design in frames and vent
  • Frame allows internal floor finishes to be flush with the inner frame avoiding thresholds
  • Standard ventilation systems can be integrated easily
  • A comprehensive range of supplementary profiles allows the fenestration to be integrated perfectly into the building
  • Specially designed end pieces make Confort 160 complete in all respects
  • The lock of the Confort lift-slide door includes a locked night vent position ensuring healthy ventilation of the building

Safety features of the Confort 160 aluminium lift-slide door:

  • The combination of multipoint locking, safety glass and special hardware ensures resistance against forced entry
  • Anti-burglary profile prevents penetration via vertical flange 
  • Armor plate protects lock case
  • Security pieces on the top of the vent prevent lifting
  • Internal tubular glazing beads prevent unclipping of glazing beads from the outside 

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SAPA Ireland Confort 160 Brochure

Product benefits


  • Accommodates glazing up to 53mm
  • Up to 400kg in weight


  • Confort 160 monorail
  • Confort 160 duo-rail
  • Confort 160 Fix-Sliding-Fix
  • Confort 160 bi-parting vent


  • The frame allows internal floor finishes to be flush with the inner frame
  • 400 powder-coated paint colours in matt, gloss or satin
  • Thermal breaks allow bi-colour finishes internally and externally


  • Air Tightness - 600 Pa
  • Water Tightness - 1350 Pa
  • Wind Resistance - 1600 Pa