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Confort 125

Confort 125 Sliding Door

Solid and Reliable


Confort 125 is a thermally insulated sliding and lift-sliding system that is durable, stable and robust. This system is available in 1, 2 and 3 rail versions, so a 6-leaf sliding door is perfectly feasible. With a maximum vent weight of 240kg for the sliding and 300kg for the lift-sliding version, large glazed areas are easily attainable.

System features of the Confort 125 aluminium sliding door: 

  • A combination of strong profiles and stainless steel rollers with polyamide support allows Confort 125 to be used for glazed areas up to 2.5m high for the sliding version 
  • Self-levelling stainless steel rollers assures effortless vent gliding even at the maximum vent weight. Stainless steel wheels do not deform and therefore guarantee a long-life performance
  • Lift-slide hardware allows vents up to 300kg with a glazed area up to 2.8m high
  • Vent profiles with a building depth of 50mm can accomodate glazing from 4mm to 35.5mm 
  • Confort 125 sliding doors are compatible with other Sapa Building System products
  • Design Features of the Confort 125 aluminium sliding door:

    • Gutter Section Frame allows internal floor finishes to be flush with the inner frame to avoid thresholds
    • Complementary range of supplementary profiles allow the fenestration to be perfectly integrated within the building
    • Design glazing beads add extra finish
    • Specially designed end peices make the Confort 125 sliding door complete in all respects

    Safety Features of the Confort 125 aluminium sliding door:

    • Multipoint locks can be applied
    • Lock of the vent has an anti-lift device. Additionally a central security piece on top of the vent also prevents lifting
    • Internal tubular glazing beads prevent unclipping from the outside
    • The lock of the Confort 125 sliding door can include a right vent position to assure healthy ventilation of the building

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SAPA IE | CONFORT 125 Brochure

Product benefits


  • Accommodates glazing up to 35.5mm
  • Weight up to 240kg


  • 1-rail - Combination of a sliding vent and a fixed screen.
  • 2-rail - Combination of sliding vents with 1, 2, 3 or 4 vents.
  • 3-rail - Combination of sliding vents with 3-rail frame, max. 6 vents.


  • Gutter section frame allows floor finishes to be flush and avoids thresholds
  • Multipoint locks can be applied
  • Can include a night vent position, assuring healthy building ventilation


  • Air Tightness - 600 Pa
  • Water Tightness - 300 Pa
  • Wind Resistance - 1600Pa