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Elegance 52

Elegance 52 VL

Semi Capped Vertical Lining


Elegance 52 VL is a specific solution when vertical lining is required. This system is based on the Elegance 52 ST basic structure and creates a horizontally continuous effect by changing the horizontal cover caps for a hidden profile sealed by a gasket. The hidden profile still allows the tight sealing of the glass against the structure, the gasket masks the horizontal detail putting more emphasis on the vertical cover cap. The vertical cover caps can be chosen from a wide range of profiles to integrate with the total building design.

System features of the Elegance 52 VL aluminium facade: 

  • Based on the connection and drainage principles of the Elegance 52 ST, the VL solution is available in two different forms. Each provide emphasis on the vertical line by use of projecting feature caps that can be further accentuated by colour
    • First form uses a silicone seal to minimise the joint between glass panes on the adjacent line with an EPDM thermal break that doubles as a bond breaker
    • The second uses a dry gasket for a consistent external aesthetic in conjunction with standard thermal break profiles from the Elegance 52 ST system
  • Depending on glass pane dimensions and external wind loads safety pieces may be required to ensure the glass is adequately sealed against the backed structure on the non-emphasised line where there is no pressure plate or cover cap

Design and aesthetics of the Elegance 52 VL aluminium facade:

  • A wide range of cover caps including bull nose, rectangular, aerofoil etc gives design freedom to design visually interesting curtain walling
  • By combining different cover caps for horizontal and vertical applications a wide range of external features is possible
  • Several designer mullions are available for internal design features
  • Mullions and transoms can be flush at the inside or specifically designed to emphasise the vertical design to complement the total building design
  • By using the various designer mullion and transom options in combination with the extensive colour range, the different aesthetic options are virtually limitless

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SAPA IE | Elegance 52 Facade Brochure

Product benefits


  • Drained and Ventilated Glazing
  • 4 - 50mm range of thickness
  • 24mm, 28mm or 32mm glazing as standard


  • Based on connection and drainage principles of the Elegance 52 ST system
  • Designed with weather performance and thermal insulation in mind


  • Emphasis provided on horizontal aspect by use of projecting feature caps that can be further accentuated with colour
  • Aluminium substructure width of 52mm allowing for slim sightlines


  • Air Tightness - A4
  • Water Tightness - RE 1200
  • Wind Resistance - 3000 Pa