Our value chain – Sapa’s fire doors from development to production


Our value chain – Sapa’s fire doors from development to production

At Sapa, we develop our products in partnership with our customers. Because we take a comprehensive approach to our products, we supervise the entire value chain from extraction of aluminium to the finished product.

We understand what the market needs and are always up-to-date on amendments to regulations and building regulations. This permits us to produce suitable fire doors that offer a high level of design freedom.

Production and safety

To meet customers' requirements and expectations, we need to know what they actually want. We always need to know what needs arise where the products are actually used. When we develop our aluminium products, we therefore start with the input and views of our customers.

Our strong local involvement means that we understand local needs, trends and cultural fluctuations. As a result, we also understand the specific requirements made of our aluminium solutions.

Aluminium profiles from Sapa are produced in Norway and Sweden and installed by local façade contractors. This means that we have a strong presence at all stages of production and gain a unique insight into the requirements our products must meet to work optimally. This also applies to safety.

Sapa's aluminium and glass fire doors offer classified protection against fire and smoke and have undergone fire tests by recognised institutions. In building regulations, construction components and structures are classified by their ability to resist fire. Criteria such as integrity (E) and insulation capacity (I), followed by resistance time in minutes, describe a door's fire resistance.

Sapa supplies products in fire resistance classes that limit the flow of temperature and fire for 15, 30 and 60 minutes, respectively. To meet these conditions, we use profiles with suitable fire-resistant, non-flammable contents. The fire structures are made with fire glass or fillings that are approved for the construction system.

Advantages of aluminium fire doors

Aluminium is unusually well suited as a construction material. It is light, stable and has good thermal properties. In addition, it is a good choice in terms of the environment and its carbon footprint.

Aluminium's superior properties in terms of flexibility, low weight, and strength make it the preferred material in many structures. Many architects greatly appreciate a slimmer, purer design which permits large dimensions.

The material possesses fundamental flexibility in terms of design and expression. It is available in different surface qualities and colours to meet the architect's requirements.

These properties mean that our customers can easily install a fire structure that meets all the requirements in the building regulations and also preserves the visual qualities of the building.

A complete, flexible solution

Sapa's aluminium profiles are always customised. This provides great flexibility in the visual design of a building. Fire doors are also supplied as a complete product. Parts such as rubber mouldings, screws and furniture comply with safety standards and are supplied with the door.

Sapa is a Nordic construction system. Our short production lines enable us to be one of the fastest, most flexible suppliers of customised aluminium façade solutions. We supply products that are excellent in terms of production method, appearance and safety. Consequently, we are able to supply complete solutions that meet all functional requirements.