Beyond company


Change the brief

We believe we all have a role to play in social and environmental responsability.It goes also throught our partneship with suppliers. That's why we're selecting them according the same behavior code than ours.

We're expecting:

  • Transparency and traceability on materials footprint and components, with EPD.
  • C2C compliance versus the banned substances & materials list
  • Efforts on packaging

As partner, they also have to respect the Human rights defined by UN and to sign our behavior code to work on our sites.


We believe that to be truly sustainable, we must look to a world beyond four walls and work to make it a reality – starting today. That´s why we go beyond simply world-class low-carbon materials, to run every part of our business as sustainably as possible. SAPA has a holistic approach to sustainability and act within 3 main areas:

to reduce the carbon emission
in the use phase

to reduce the upfront and
embodied emissions

to see the
bigger picture