SAPA, A local brand

SAPA, a local brand
SAPA aluminium curtain walling and windows flooding light into a library, where people are reading and working

SAPA, a local brand

SAPA, a local brand

SAPA - Created in Vetlanda, Sweden in 1963, offering aluminium building systems that are designed with Scandinavian comfort, safety and sustainability in mind.

Thanks to our globally recognised expertise and increasingly inventive and powerful technical solutions, the brand is able to respond to new challenges on a daily basis, resulting in creative, intelligent and liberated architecture. In a word, it’s living!

As a market leader, SAPA's excellence, know-how, unique design and innovative vision have set the standard in many of the Scandinavian countries and throughout the world.

SAPA Brand Goals

SAPA´s solutions can be adapted to each project, linking inside and outside spaces with large dimensions, pure design and maximum performance to meet the various needs of the construction and residential markets, from new builds to renovations.
We also develop tailor-made solutions to meet the aesthetic and comfort requirements of our partners.

Imagination makes the world go round. Here at SAPA it’s our driving force and way of doing things. It allows us to move forward, innovate and inspire.
Where others just see a window, we see cutting-edge technology that benefits both the users and the environment.
We see the future.



At SAPA, design is not just a purely aesthetic consideration.
On the contrary; it’s a constant preoccupation which encompasses various additional dimensions: functionality, respect for the environment, ergonomics, energy efficiency, integration and of course a good dose of individuality.


SAPA quality is based on its multidisciplinary expertise which include all aspects of the product: raw materials, design, services, colour palette, accessories, software, etc.
Sapa is certified ISO 9001 since 1993 which guarantees the quality of its management of suppliers as well as customers.


For nearly 60 years, innovation has been one of the brand’s founding pillars.
Offering even more effective solutions to meet energy efficiency requirements, the well-being and acoustic comfort needs of occupants is our primary concern.
This is why we have our very own test centre in Sweden. It is here that all kinds of preliminary studies are carried out during the prototype stage, as well as multiple tests on finished products, including a wide range of performances tests: mechanical strength, opening-closing, manoeuvrability, shocks, thermal resistance, resistance to corrosion, weather resistance (air permeability, water tightness, wind pressure resistance).