Beyond materials

A low carbon aluminium range certified provided with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Aluminum produced with renewable energy

Until such a time as the urban mining system is fully implemented and the aluminium alloys we use are fully sourced from post-consumer materials, Hydro limits their impact on the environment further with the use of Hydro Low Carbon Aluminium®.

Hydro Low Carbon Aluminium® is a primary aluminium which generates a CO2 footprint of just 4kg CO2 per kg of aluminium, well below the European average of 6.7kg of CO2. Hydro Low Carbon Aluminium® is created with modern technology and the use of renewable energy from hydro, wind and solar power.

This means we are able to produce a low-carbon primary aluminium that is cleaner and greener than ever before.


The guarantee of a low-carbon footprint

As with Hydro CIRCAL 75R, the Hydro Low Carbon Aluminium® production process is fully traceable and certified by the independent external body DNV-GL, which guarantees its low carbon emissions.

We certify that the dedicated parts of our production comply with the highest standards, even from a climate perspective.

The threshold of 4kg of CO2 per kg of aluminium is the maximum allowable carbon footprint for this product line. This figure includes total emissions from mining, refining, transportation, power and anode production, smelting and casting.

We believe that to be truly sustainable, we must look to a world beyond four walls and work to make it a reality – starting today. That´s why we go beyond simply world-class low-carbon materials, to run every part of our business as sustainably as possible. SAPA has a holistic approach to sustainability and act within 3 main areas:

to reduce the carbon emission
in the use phase

to reduce the upfront and
embodied emissions

to see the
bigger picture