Heathervale House, UK​​


SAPA solutions’ resistance level to burglary, noise and weather is tested and certified. Our solutions offer effective safety and acoustic performances, thermal insulation and weather tightness, complying with most international regulatory requirements. They contribute to reducing noise pollution and energy consumption of renovated buildings. In addition, the thermal break technology, in combination with different glazing thicknesses, guarantees exceptional performance in terms of thermal insulation. By choosing a SAPA window or door, noise pollution will no longer be a problem, not even in an urban area.

The certified acoustic lab, innovation and test Centre in Toulouse is a highly sustainable technical centre for the research, development and testing of aluminium products. The state-of-the-art 1,600m² facility provides workshops for prototyping and assembly and testing laboratories.​

Heathervale House, UK​​


Situated in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Heathervale House is a commercial property, which has been used as an office space for decades. Originally clad in brick, slate and hung tile, the building had started to show signs of disrepair, looking tired and dilapidated. To bring it back to life, the building owner developed plans to undertake a wide scale refurbishment and extension of the property, improving the aesthetics and performance of the building, both internally and externally. Previously, Heathervale House had featured small, brown-framed windows, which limited how much sunlight those inside the offices received through the day. The entire façade of the original three-storey building was re-clad with concrete tiles, with interesting projecting brass window boxes also incorporated. The window boxes added visual relief to the building externally, whilst maximising internal vistas for occupants. A large rear extension, a new glazed lift to the front and two additional fully glazed storeys on top of the existing roof were added. Flooding the new office spaces with daylight, the large glazed expanses are shaded by two-storey bronze louvres. As a result, the newly fitted out office now brings in much more natural light than before. ​​ ​​ ​​

Architect: MortonScarr​​
Dualframe 75 Si reversible windows​​
Elegance 52 curtain wall​
Stormframe STII high traffic aluminium doors