Solar Shading

SAPA 4550


Box formed sun shades


SAPA 4550 Box solar shading is a simple and elegant complement to our 4150 facade system. The uncompromising form lends the facade a strong expression, modernism in aluminium. It is possible to design the solar protection in such a way that, for example, creating a modular area of sections is obtained.

The surface finish can additionally emphasise the form and expression of the profile. With the help of our decorative profiles, the appearance of the bearing profiles can be emphasised in order to harmonize with the architecture of the building.

SAPA 4550 Box_DataSheet_BA.pdf

Product benefits


  • Arrangement. Vertical or horizontal
  • Installation. Self-bearing or as a secondary structure on another carrying framework


  • Louvres. 190 or 300 mm wide
  • Installation fittings. Available for 0°, 15°, 30° or 45° angle

More information

Specifications & EPD

Alternative solutions

Alternative 1, 2 and 3: The unattached louvers are installed directly on the bearing profile, which can be arranged vertically or horizontally. The vertical line can be additionally emphasised by installing decorative profiles from the Expressive family of the 4150 facade system.

Alternative 4: The louvers are screwed to the end/side profiles, which makes it possible to pre-fabricate sections. The sections are installed vertically on aluminium bearing profiles. This alternative gives an austere and homogenous appearance and a clear visual profile.

Alternative 1: Vertical

Alternative 2: Vertical

Alternative 3: Horizontal

Alternative 4: Vertical

Installation recommendations

SAPA 4550 Box solar shading offers a great freedom of choice with a possibility to add new architectural values and strengthen the existing ones. We can adapt the solutions to individual projects when necessary. Detail solutions and a well-planned completion are important. It is the final result that determines which solution is the best one. All buildings are unique through their location, usage and architecture.

Vertical installation
Self-bearing support
Broken louvre lines

Vertical installation
Hanging support
Broken louvre lines

Vertical installation
Ground foundation
Broken louvre lines

Horizontal installation
Support with tie-rod
Broken louvre lines

Elevations And Details

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A4550-1016 3
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Projects using solar shading SAPA 4550

Nokkeland School, Moss


Facility: School
Place: Moss, Norway
Construction year: 2010-2011
Fabricator: Saint-Gobain Bøckmann AS, HELLA SolCom
Proprietor: Moss Kommunale Eiendomsselskap KF
Architect: Heggelund & Koxvold AS Arkitekter MNAL

Facades: Sapa 4150, Sapa 4150 cold facade, Sapa 4150 F30
Solar shading: Sapa 4150 Wing
Doors: Sapa 2050 and Sapa 2074
Windows: Sapa 1074 SX, Sapa 1074 TX and Sapa 1050
Surface finish: RAL 7043 and 7037, clear anodised

Photography: Hans Bonnevier