Integrated solar cells

Building systems for solar glazing

Integrated solar cells in façade systems and glazed roofs


SAPA building systems for solar glazing offer a range of possibilities for implementing energy-efficient, innovative and prestigious projects.
Solar glazing can be used in our façade systems and glazed roof systems where cables can easily be concealed inside the profiles to create an integrated and esthetically attractive unit.


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Integrated solar cells in façade system

Choice of solar glazing

The solar cells are usually either embedded in a transparent insulated double- or triple-glazed unit, or in an opaque single-glazed unit if it is to be fitted into parapets or solar shading. The solar cells are always installed in the outer glazing, which should have a low iron content. The low iron content results in a very clear glass that maximizes the amount of sunlight reaching the solar cells. Solar glazing integrates easily into our profile systems SAPA Façade 4150/4150 SX/4150 and Sapa Roof Glazing 5050.


Transparent glazing unit

Opaque façade glass

Projects using integrated solar cells BUILDING SYSTEMS FOR SOLAR GLAZING

VIDEUM House N, Växjö