Anti-burglar Protection


Sapa Window 1086


With our 1086 Window system we can offer the market superior insulated anti-burglar windows that have as elegant appearance as normal windows. The windows can be either inward opening with tilt and turn function or fixed. The classification of anti-burglar windows is done according to ENV 1627.


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Specifications & EPD

Fitting functions

Tilt and turn, inward opening


Ventilation, bottom-hung

Open, side-hung

Siegenia LM 4200-TBT-E RC2
Siegenia LM 16126
Siegenia LM 16131 lockable handle

Window location in structure

For the entire window structure to meet the energy saving requirements and ensure good comfort it is necessary to install the window in the warm part of the wall. This means that it should be installed as deep into the wall as possible, which has a number of advantages.

It creates good conditions for appropriate fixing and a well functioning joint. The risk of condensation is reduced due to a higher surface temperature. The joint between the frame profile and the wall shall be made with two step sealing. This means that it should consist of an outer rain barrier with an underlying air channel, a mineral wool insulation layer and an inner diffusion sealing joint.

Connections, see Elevations and details.


In anti-burglar protection class RC2 according to ENV 1627 the glazing units shall be approved for class P4A.

Elevations And Details

A1086-1008 717274
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A1086-1010 12356
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A1086-1011 123567172
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Fixing Principles

Fixing principles

Windows must be fixed to a stable and suitable wall structure. The choice of fixing method depends on the wall type. The number and location of fixing points depends on the size of the window.


Fixing of frame
with twist anchor

Fixing of frame
with adjustable frame bushing

Fixing of frame
with bolt and welded plate