From vision to reality: buildings for a circular future with a world-class carbon footprint

From vision to reality: buildings for a circular future with a world-class carbon footprint

Hydro Building Systems office in Vetlanda has undergone a significant change, with the old facade being replaced by a recycled facade made from 100% recycled aluminium. This project is unique and is one of the few of its kind in the world. 

Why have we renovated? 

Keeping up with progress is not just about expressing good intentions, it is about actually doing the work. We remain committed to working towards a sustainable future, while ensuring that our products and services keep pace. This year we are launching our new TENTAL façade, which offers more design options without compromising on sustainability or functionality. 

Beyond products, we also invest in our workforce and strive to create the best possible working environment, and it is very important to us that our colleagues enjoy their workplace. If we go into details about comfort, TENTAL has an optimised thermal, acoustic, and waterproof performance. This means the system is "top of the line" in terms of comfort. In addition, the large glass surfaces let in plenty of natural light, creating a very comfortable and pleasant environment. 


Focus on sustainability 

The choice to switch to a recycled aluminium façade is not only aesthetically pleasing but also an expression of our deep commitment to sustainability. By using 100% recycled aluminium, we not only reduce the amount of material waste, but we also reduce the overall carbon footprint. TENTAL is setting a new standard for sustainability in the construction industry, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this change. 

Creating a pleasant working environment 

Our staff is our most important asset and providing them with a pleasant working environment is a top priority. TENTAL not only provides a visually appealing exterior, but its excellent performance also ensures a comfortable indoor environment for our employees. By combining elegance with functionality, we have created a workplace where people can flourish and be productive. 

The Vetlanda office has not only received a facelift, but it has also taken a big step towards a more sustainable and pleasant future for everyone who works there. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of sustainability and innovation in the construction industry.