Skånetrafiken headquarter provides new opportunities for a creative work environment


Skånetrafiken headquarter provides new opportunities for a creative work environment

Skånetrafiken's new headquarters in Hässleholm is conveniently located near the central station, which has gone from a traditional office to a more modern open office landscape. Where new well-planned gathering areas are available, which generates a more attractive workplace. With the help of GlasLindberg, SAPA has delivered facades and doors to the project. The building is also certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver.

After 20 years in the same premises, Skånetrafiken has finally got new, fresh premises that meet society's new way of working after two long years of the pandemic. Approximately 300 people work at the new headquarter in Hässleholm. Where Skånetrafiken's headquarter is conveniently located next to Hässleholm's central station where they can be close to their traveling customers, but also for commuting workers who work in the office. The office space has a total of 4,500 square meters, as well as a land area of 2,100 square meters. The building is designed for twelve lodgers but can easily be designed for more, thanks to its flexible office spaces.

Open landscapes generate a modern office environment

The office has three floors and has been tailored for an activity-based work environment with well-planned surfaces. In the new open office landscape, the meeting rooms have been methodically placed. The flexible office provides opportunities to work more collectively, creatively and concentrated, which creates an attractive workplace for the employees. The interior is both hard and soft where different elements meet to create a modern and harmonious office environment. On each floor, you can get a first-class view of the city environment from head to toe with the help of a beautiful glass façade. The ground floor is adorned with glazed bay windows that extend out onto the street, contributing to a livelier area around the area. The building is also certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Dynamic facade with a beautiful light

It is not only a well-composed interior of the office, but the external facade is also well-planned to interact with its surroundings. The planning program that was drawn up in 2005 has been the basis for how the architecture of the building is presented. With its high building volume, the façade and roof have been made of band-covered zinc plate and are separated with concrete from the ground floor. This strong architectural character is shared by other buildings in the neighborhood, and together they are creating a signature touch for the area. The building has a fantastic light admission thanks to the large, glazed façades on the short sides of the office. Where staircases, common areas and meeting rooms are located, which creates a pleasant and well-being environment for everyone in the office. The glass façade creates a perfect symmetry and dynamism to the concrete and zinc plate of the building. The large glass sections are strengthened by a central pillar and side pillars, where the zinc plate of the pillars is included in the interior. This generates a red thread throughout the building, from the exterior facade to the interior design.

SAPA-customer: Glaslindberg
Products: SAPA 4150 & 2086