New roof vent from Sapa


New roof vent from Sapa

Sapa Roof Vent SHEV is a cost-effective upgrade to existing roof vents. The main advantage is that the new design accepts triple-glazing, which improves the U value of the sash and frame. This in turn means less risk of condensation, since the profiles stay warmer. The vent can be locked with a manual handle, which permits multi-point locking. Earlier designs could only be locked by a motor and automated control. The design of the new vent has been optimized to reduce the projection above the glazed roof. The new vent is better integrated and provides a neat and flush glazed roof solution.

This product is based on the 86 system and uses many existing articles in its construction. This ensures greater flexibility and a wider range of products for fabricators.

Sustainable materials

The roof vent is constructed from Hydro REDUXA aluminium. This is a low-carbon aluminium that is produced using renewable energy sources such as hydropower, thus reducing the carbon footprint per kilogram of aluminium to less than a quarter of the global average.