As Building Becomes More Complex, Digitization Comes To The Rescue


Market competition, supply chain automation, economic fluctuations, safety climate and safety Regulation - those are just at the top of a long list of factors that are currently shaking up the world of building. Erecting a house or an office is becoming an increasingly complicated process and we can also add changing customer expectations for speed and quality as an additional layer of complexity.

Fortunately, advancing technology is developing as a counterweight to a global environment where the moving parts are multiplying. Today, builders are increasingly relying on digital tools to ensure that their projects are delivered on time — and on budget. Such technology involves everything from 3D modeling using augmented and virtual reality, real-time communication tools as well as digital platforms to plan and track projects.

Of course, for digitization to be effective, it must run across all phases of the building process. At SAPA, we too are dreaming up new ways of ensuring transparency, reliability and open communication with our clients. For example, we have over the last 25 years developed our own quotation and fabrication software, TechDesign. Our goal was to create an all-in-one tool to facilitate the work of our clients, and we’re proud to say that it’s today the preferred software of more than 5,000 users across 65 countries. Leveraging the latest technology, TechDesign allows users to quote complex projects, generate orders, verify product compatibility with building standards and calculate the climate impact of a project.

To stay at the digital forefront, we’ve made sure that the tool is adapted to all the latest technologies, including 3D model import, BIM export, conception, and production, as well as augmented and virtual reality. To further ensure the efficiency and timeliness of our clients’ work, we leverage our web-based platform, COMALU, which allows customers to transfer orders digitally and monitor their complete order status around the clock.

It’s safe to say that in an ever more globalized economy where the speed of change will continue to accelerate, making the most out of innovation and new technology will eventually go from a competitive advantage to an imperative. We plan to be at the cutting edge of that transformation.

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