Rustic architecture and sustainability characterize Kjelleparken


Rustic architecture and sustainability characterize Kjelleparken

Kjelleparken is a health center where health is spelled in capital letters. Here, the health center is surrounded by a rustic landscape where a vegetation belt thrives around the environment. The design has been based on the surroundings, while the geometry has been characterized by the care's needs regarding performance and easy accessibility for patients. Environmentally friendly materials that can withstand the changing trend where also high on the list in the planning process and with energy-efficient consumption, the building has been classified as energy-saving class A. Through Umbra Produkter AS, SAPA has delivered windows and doors to Kjelleparken. 

Source: KB Arkitekter

HEALTH is in focus when Kjelleparken 2017 opened its gates to the outside world, this health center is located in a rustic setting between the city of T√łnsberg and Jarlsbergs estate. Here you can find a chiropractor, health clinics and a new emergency room that will be able to provide care to T√łnsberg and 6 other communities. In addition to this, there are also other health-related activities on site, including pharmacies and a competence center for jobseekers. By keeping all activities health-related, the associations can bring joy and benefit from each other.

Rustic landscape

Here, the population will find a meeting place where nursing and health goes hand in hand. With good service and friendly staff, visitors can experience an engaging and pleasant meeting together with the peaceful environment and stylish design. In the process of regulation and completion, the relationship to the rustic landscape has left its mark on the building's design, height, and materials. Regarding the execution of the building's interior design, the largest renter became a decisive factor and sustainable materials with a visual expression that can cope with changing trends had to be in focus according to the project's architect.

-The building's largest renter is the emergency room, which has also been responsible for the building's geometry and depth. Strict logistical requirements for patient flow and safety with separate entrances for the general public, ambulance, police and infection unit, while staff have a good overview and quick access has been an important parameter. The client has had a goal of a building with good and sustainable materials and an expression that can withstand changing trends. The main volume is dressed in shingles of brick, while transverse slats and details are dressed with natural-colored wood panels in varying widths, explains KB Arkitekter.

The vegetation belt

It has also been important for the agricultural authorities and the protection authorities to clearly set a boundary between the urban environment and beautiful landscape, through a vegetation belt. The belt has become the building's surface water deflector and energy park, where the stream is laid in a path through groundwater table and then flows out over an agricultural area. Therefore, Kjelleparken takes care of the advantages of the environment around the landscape and generate less pressure from lower-lying areas.

The building is equipped with 15 energy wells that have been drilled 250 meters deep and are located at the northern and partly eastern part of the area, right by the vegetation belt. The wells provide Kjelleparken with both heat and cooling through energy from, among other things, heat pumps. The building is also in energy saving class A, which is a confirmation that Kjelleparken is built with a strong environmental thinking.

- The building dampens the large landscape and incorporates the intention of the area plan with ribba in the east-west direction to open the view between the wooded hill and the cultivated landscape. Towards the agricultural area in the north is the buffer zone, which is also the building's energy park, as well as an open stream that handles surface water for the area, explains KB Arkitekter.


SAPA-products: Window SAPA 1086 and Door SAPA 2086

SAPA-producer: Umbra Produkter AS

Architect: KB Arkitekter

Photographer: KB Arkitekter