Finspång’s healthcare center-original art and architecture with a long lifespan


Finspång’s healthcare center-original art and architecture with a long lifespan

Beautiful architecture and inspiring design characterize Finspång's new healthcare center in Sweden, where unique art can be found among the common areas but also on the walls of the building structure. The project has received the award Miljöbyggnad Silver, where they have worked a lot on a construction technology that has a long lifespan. Energy savings have been made through solar panels that are located on the roof and an outstanding glass and aluminum facade can be found in the health center's courtyards, among other places. Through GlasLindberg, SAPA has delivered facades and doors in recycled Hydro CIRCAL aluminum.  

Source: Region Östergötland

Already early in the planning process around Finspång healthcare center, there were many factors that would be involved in maintaining all the advanced requirements and authority’s that exist in today’s society. The health center had to satisfy all material-, health-, functional- and social requirements. What came out of this became something completely unique where the expression "close care" occurs in all corridors. A strong collaboration with competent and experienced individuals has created a high level of commitment to the project since many live in or near Finspång. The building covers approximately 17,000 square meters and is divided into five floors where they have: a childcare center, midwife clinic, child and youth clinic, inpatient rehabilitation, doctor's office, home care, laboratory, specialist nurse clinic, investigation unit and outpatient department.

Arkitema, who is the architect for the project, are explaining the importance of having many different departments close to each other and that patients can receive complete care at the healthcare center without having to seek care in another city.

-Directly from the entrance hall you reach the health square, pharmacy and lab. On the entrance level, there are also four combi rooms that function as reception hotels, rooms that can be booked by clinics that do not have regular operations in Finspång, either recurring or sporadically. A good "Close care" example, where patients can be offered a visit here, instead of having to go to the hospital in another city, explains Arkitema.

Design combined with harmonic colors

With beautiful and calm environments, research has shown that the experience of stress in hospitals is reduced and that it can contribute to a healthier and more caring environment. An important factor for the care staff is to have a well-planned and attractive work environment to enjoy their everyday work. Which the design of Finspång healthcare center has succeeded in, where the environment radiates harmony and inspiration, both for patients and the staff. By having calm and bright color shades combined with background walls that have accent colors and elements of wood in the interior, the harmonious feeling that exists in the design is emphasized. Conscious art has been placed where visitors, staff and patients are in as much as possible to stop and generate inspiration that creates unique experiences in the healthcare center's premises. The art is magnificent and original, which is both in the middle of a room, but it also interacts with the building construction through the walls.

Focus on the project's lifespan with environmentally friendly materials and energy savings

The healthcare staff's company cars run by electricity and can easily be charged in the healthcare center's parking lot, which simplifies and benefits both the environment and the staff. Finspång health care center is exposed with 600 panels with solar cells located on the roof, and the expected electricity production is 160,000 kWh per year, which corresponds to the electricity needs for about 32 single-family homes. The beautiful courtyards provide dynamism and differ from the hospital environment, which enhances the patients' experience. An outstanding glass and aluminum façade also adorns the courtyards. The environmental aspect of the project is at a high level where they have worked hard with energy savings and material selection. Arkitema wanted to combine this to create a sustainable and favorable construction that will have a long lifespan.

-The healthcare center has a white terrazzo façade in the upper levels and a glass / aluminum façade in the lower levels. The building is classified Miljöbyggnad silver and has solar cells on a large part of the roof and on the south facade of the fan room. Separating flows, strengthening patient safety and working with construction technology that has a long lifespan are some of the principles that guided the project, explains Arkitema.

One of the materials used in the project is SAPAs aluminum façade and doors in Hydro CIRCAL, which is an aluminum alloy with at least 75% proportion of recycled aluminum from, for example, glass facades and windows that have been dismantled from buildings and are thus completely recycled. This has been delivered to the project by GlasLindberg.


SAPA-products: Façade SAPA 4150 and Doors SAPA 2086

SAPA-producers: GlasLindberg

Architects: Arkitema

Photo: Region Östergötland