Beautiful views and future visions of Kulatoppen Care Center


Beautiful views and future visions of Kulatoppen Care Center

Now, the elderly at Kulatoppen care center can enjoy a harmonious and health-focused home where the technology takes nursing towards the future. Located on the mountain's top, a fantastic view of the strait is given. The building is not only placed in a beautiful place, but it also uses an efficient and environmentally friendly heating. SAPA has through H-fasader Stette AS delivered facades, windows and doors to Kulatoppen. 

With an exceptional outlook and beautiful views, the newly built Kulatoppen care center stands in place at Deknepollen, Måløy, Norway. With a spectacular ground area at the top of the mountain, the elderly gets a view unlike any other. With the modern care buildings, the three floors plus basement have a surface area of total ​​3,000m2. The previous 76 care places have been expanded to 100 with the new construction, which is a remarkable expansion and the reason for this is the expected increase of elderly people in need of healthcare within the near future.

Besides good indoor environments at the care center, have they also focused on beautiful large green outdoor areas.

"The outdoor area has a sensory element with water, textures, colors, scents and flavors and is adapted for activities between Bouletrack, barbecue area, greenhouse and training equipment." says Nordplan AS, architect for the project.

Even the design of the outdoor area is carefully planned with many important aspects such as highlighting the elegant views from the mountain top.

"In the design of the outdoor area, emphasis has been placed on the fact that there should be protected zones adjacent to the building, but that the stunning view should be easily accessible along the walkway on the outskirts of the area." says Nordplan AS.

Welfare technology

Thanks to the project, the elderly care has gained an incredible lift, where the welfare technique has led to a future oriented thinking that will benefit the healthcare. With a modern chip that is placed in a piece of jewelry, it is programmed to sense if the elderly has access or not to doors and entrances through a positioning field. Likewise, a patient warning system with motion function will be installed so that the nursing staff will be alarmed through an app system if an elderly goes out of his/her room or has fallen in the room. This helps the staff to be able to quickly be there for the elderly if nursing is needed. Even smart light systems are established, they can detect the outer light factors and adapt to color and strength to the patients’ rooms, which creates a more comfortable and prosperous experience. This welfare technology is revolutionary and raises healthcare to new levels regarding good health and well-being, which is also one of the global goals that they are amin to reach.

Earth heating

With the hard weather conditions that exist on the top of the mountain, external blackout curtains were not an option, however instead they selected to have integrated sun protection in the glass. When it comes to the heating of the building, an efficient and innovative environmentally friendly heating system is used. This by taking advantage of the deep wells that are on the ground area which then circulates the heat by using a heating pump system and heat exchanger. Through this, the consumption of operating cost is low and the need for purchased energy and electricity is drastically reduced. The roof of the building is installed with heating and cooling through tubes which are waterborne, and the indoor temperature is automatically regulated by using the outdoor temperature. All of this means that the heating of the construction is minimal and environmentally friendly.

SAPA has through H-fasader Stette AS delivered facades, windows and doors to Kulatoppen care center.

By using SAPA’s facades, windows and doors in aluminum, a saving of 11,3 tons CO2 emission has been made. Which is approximately 4 times lower in emissions compared to the European average for primary aluminum.


SAPA-products: Sapa 2086SX door, Sapa 1086SX window, Sapa 4150SX Facade

SAPA-client: H-fasader Stette AS

Architect: Nordplan AS

Photographer: Marius Beck Dahle