SAPA offers tools and services designed to facilitate the work of professionals
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SAPA offers tools and services designed to facilitate the work of professionals


SAPA strives to offer services and tools designed to facilitate the work of professionals and improve their profitability. Always striving to better support its partners, SAPA offers a complete range of software solutions as well as training adapted to individual needs.


SAPA offers a complete software offering, allowing you to deal with every stage of a building project, such as sales support, joinery design, customer quotes, supplies and manufacturing assistance.


TechDesign by SAPA helps you to:

  • Calculate and prepare in full 3D
  • Calculate the U-values for the entire product range
  • Get static calculations to select aluminium profiles according to Eurocode standards
  • Document environmental impact through EPD reports
  • Integrate CAD into one and the same program


Large variety of possibilities for different technical solutions
The input module enables a variety of technical functions. For example, faceted constructions are created or input in 2D and then rendered in 3D on the screen and in the edits.
Different elements can be opened in parallel for faster navigation between objects.
Everything can be managed from one and the same program, which facilitates the work process.

Quick calculation of thermal performance
View and check, for example, U-values ​​for your entire project at any time.

Static calculations
Get static calculations to select aluminum profiles according to Eurocode standards. Easy and clearly read the size of each profile or combined profiles.

CE Marking
CE Marking certificates for printing can be attached to the invoice, as well as labels intended to be affixed to the windows or patio doors leaving the workshop.