Lille-Moulins house, France


Although there are many good reasons to renovate a building, comfort improvement positions itself on top of the list. SAPA solutions’ large dimensions, certified acoustic performance and weather tightness contribute to creating a more comfortable environment in a renovated building thanks to the following :​

  • Large glazing dimensions for more daylight intake​ Motorised opening, thus natural ventilation simplified​
  • Ergonomic handles​
  • High acoustic performances for reduced noise level​
  • High weather tightness and thermal insulation​
  • Designed for ease of assembly and disassembly

Lille-Moulins house, France

This project is a renovation of a long-time abandoned building. To provide maximum natural lighting as well as large spaces for the ground floor and the rooftop, this construction has split-levels floors. The living and working spaces offer an opening to the city with large frames. The custom-made rooftop access creates a unique and contemporary architectural style. ​ ​

Architect : Clement BERTON​
Installer : CONSTRU​
Solutions :​
SOLEAL fixed and opening aluminium frames
LUMEAL aluminium sliders