District Heating Power Plant, Vojen

Solar heating plant

Vojens Fjernvarme supplements its district heating plants with a new solar heating plant. A 17,500-square-metre array of solar heating panels is now used to heat water for district heating. It can generate up to 10,000 MWh each year and will reduce CO2 emissions by 1.5–2 tonnes per consumer.

Facility: Vojens Fjernverme
Place: Vojens, Danmark
Construction year: 2011
Architect: Tegnestuen Mejeriet A/S
Fabricator: Ejnar Christiansen Sølsted A/S
Proprietor: Jorton A/S, Rødekro

Facades: Sapa 4150
Glazed roof: Sapa 5050
Doors: Sapa 2074
Windows: Sapa 1074
Surface finish: Clear anodised

Photography: Jan Møller Madsen

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