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The product should be cleaned regularly in order to preserve its quality. Clean products ensure an attractive appearance, longer durability and better performance.
Do not use alkaline substances! Both aluminium profiles and glass are sensitive to alkaline substances and should never be subjected to the influence of such substances. If anodised or painted aluminium profiles and/or glass get in
contact with for example cement water or finishing mortar, it is important to wash it away with fresh water, sponge or cloth.
Do not use detergents with polishing additives or do not scrub with for example scotch-brite, since there is a great risk of mechanical damage. The products are best cleaned with fresh water and a sponge, however neutral detergents may be used.

Regular checks and adjustments should be performed in order to ensure good performance and long service life.
Moving parts of fittings and sliding elements should be lubricated slightly so that they do not jam. Ensure that aluminium guide rails in outward opening vertically and horizontally-hung so called gliding windows are clean and slightly lubricated with acid-free white petrolatum. Screw in fittings shall be checked so that they are tightened and that the position of the fittings is correct.
In the case of construction elements - facades,
windows, doors and roof glazing elements - ensure that the draining holes are not clogged, the glass seals and rubber seals are tight in the corners, the opening parts are supported correctly, and the covering profiles are fastened.