PM & Vänner Hotel, Växjö


Architect's description
The Nunnan neighborhood consists of different housing bodies from different eras. The goal of the extension has been for the viewer to experience an exciting whole that was previously missing. Close and intensive collaboration between the builder, architect and urban architect has been a success factor in finding a functioning dynamic between modern architecture, the theater building from 1849, the concert hall and existing building bodies in the neighborhood. The large window areas facing the Theater Square enrich the hotel guest with one of Växjö's most beautiful views and create a welcoming feeling for the viewer on the street. The large grid on the extension visually reduces the scale of the house by taking down its four floors to instead be perceived as two plus a retracted floor, all in order not to dominate the theater and the other buildings around the square.

Building a unique environment on the roof where guests get to see Växjö from above was a challenging ambition, something that had not been done before in Växjö. Now the city's rooftops can be viewed from the TAK Bar & Restaurant with large terraces in all weather lines as well as two pools and a sauna. The exciting environment on the roof combined with hotel rooms and gastronomy in international class has created a new meeting place in Växjö. The ambition is for the Nunnan block to be perceived as a welcoming and exciting neighborhood. Västergatan has gone from being an anonymous street to becoming an exciting and vibrant street with unique architecture. Previous build-in between building bodies has been replaced with gray-colored protruding cubes with large window sections that contrast with the white facade.

Johannes Debus, Architectural Company

Object: PM & Vänner Hotel
Location: Växjö, Sweden
Building year: 2014
Architect: Arkitektbolaget and Jonas Lindvall, Lindvall A&D
Fabricator: Flex Fasadia AB
Proprietor: Nunnan Fastigheter AB

Facades: Sapa 4150 SX
Glazed elements: Sapa 3074 SX
Doors: Sapa 2074
Windows: Sapa 1074
Colour: Clear anodised, Hx 50 with white internal NCS-S 0502-Y

Photography: Hans Bonnevier

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