BIMselector training

Usefull tips to start with the BIMselector

1) Only registered users van use the BIMselector. Login to our website on the top right corner of your browser screen. The data obtained through this registration form is excusively used for monitoring the use of the selector and popularity of certain systems, designs and BIM applications.

2) Always start your search by determining the product family you require: a window, a door or a sliding door. Other filters become available after making this first selection.

3) There is no restriction in the order of use of the filters. As soon as 2 filters are set (e.g. 'product family' and 'application'), the BIMselector lists up all files compliant to the filters set.

4) You cannot make a multi-selection within one filter. Clicking another option, unchecks the previous one.

5) Return to the BIMselector since we upload new BIM files on a regular basis.

6) Look at the video below for a jump start.


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