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Welcome to the Sapa BIMselector

With Building Information Modeling (BIM), every element used to construct and fit out a project is captured in a detailed 3D model. From the building shell (walls, partition walls, etc.) to the windows, façades, electrics and plumbing, right down to the smallest of objects, everything is taken into consideration and can be used for costing, production time and regulation analysis.

Using BIM models, enables the building’s construction data to be shared easily amongst several stakeholders, such as designers, architects, engineers and constructors. Sapa BIM models not only provide detailed information regarding all our systems, but also deliver an accurate representation of each product, allowing the architect to more accurately visualize their appearance at an early stage.

How to find your BIM files ?

For the best and most efficient user experience, take this quick video tutorial how to navigate through the BIMselector, to find the perfect model for your purposes.

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Sapa has put all technical information online on SapaTechnic. The detailed graphical database includes all drawings and technical information about profiles, accessories and gaskets. Besides looking up simple files like a PDF® of technical data or a section, it is also possible to search a DXF file of a product.


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