EHS Policy & Commitment Statement

Sapa believes in EHS excellence. This will be achieved through the consistent implementation of the Sapa EHS management system, best practices and a strong commitment to continuous improvement and sense of responsibility for people and the environment. Sapa recognises its role in contributing to a more sustainable society.

A Safe and Healthy Workplace

We believe that all injuries, occupational ill-health and environment incidents can be avoided. While making efforts to create a safe and healthy workplace we will also encourage our employees to adopt a healthy and safe life-style for themselves and their families.

Environment Commitment

Climate change and an increasing need for energy call for innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions. Aluminium is part of the solution. We help our customers to deliver more sustainable offerings. In doing so, we need to make every effort to reduce our own operations’ negative environmental impact.
We support pollution prevention and will work systematically to improve efficiency of consumption of raw materials, water and fossil fuels as well as minimising process waste and emissions.

Continuous Improvement

We continually review our EHS standards, our conduct and our equipment to reduce risk and environmental impact. We will encourage active employee participation in EHS activities.


We measure and assess our performance and will be open and transparent in our communication. We will report on status and progress in our continual dialogue with stakeholders.


If incidents occur, we shall be prepared to do the utmost to prevent and mitigate injury, damage to the environment, property and Sapa’s reputation.

Value Chain

We have a commitment to our customers to not only comply with all applicable EHS standards and regulations throughout our value chain, but also increase the awareness of EHS-related matters to drive industry change. We see it as our role to develop knowledge in both directions of our value chain to reach world class EHS performance.


We will be an active member of the societies where we operate and engage with communities, government and organisations on EHS matters to create mutual benefit.


We value human life above all other considerations and will not compromise our EHS ambitions. All employees at Sapa are accountable for conforming with and deploying our EHS Policy and Principles. Management must have knowledge of relevant issues regarding EHS and demonstrate EHS commitment through hands-on leadership and behaviour. All who work at Sapa are expected to understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this Policy.


We will meet or exceed all applicable EHS laws and Sapa’s EHS internal requirements.

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