All Sapa products are finished to the highest specifications and in accordance with the relevant British Standards for Painted and Anodised surfaces.

Routine Maintenance

The hardware fitted to Sapa products does not need 'calendar' servicing but should be maintained on an 'as necessary' basis. Thus items such as door locks, friction hinges, and reversible window gear which have been lubricated in manufacture and/or installation should be treated with the appropriate lubricant when they show signs of stiffening up in use or they have been left unused for a considerable time.


Intermittent operation or sudden unexplained impairment of the functioning of any item of hardware should be investigated immediately by a person familiar with the product, and repairs effected before user safety or product function is jeopardised.

Replacement of faulty or damaged parts should be carried out by an experienced person using the correct parts.

Where an item is still covered by the warranty given by the fabricator or installer of the product requests for remedial work under such guarantees must, in the first instance, be referred to that person or company.