Off Site Manufacture

Prefabricating large sections of a building and delivering the completed element to site is an increasingly popular method of construction. Conditions in a factory are invariable better than those on site and for complex items such as rainscreen cladding and curtain walling, quality control can be maintained much more effectively off site. An additional benefit is installation time on site can be significantly reduced.

Elegance 72 unitised curtain walling has been specified many prestigious developments including 4,000 sqm of Elegance 72 creating a spectacular atrium linking two blocks. This first installation went smoothly thanks to early involvement in the specification process by the Sapa Building System design and installation team. The fast track installation that unitised systems allow was especially useful in harsh weather conditions. Rapid facade installation meant that the building was closed in, allowing secondary trades to begin their work earlier than would normally be possible if a stick system had been specified.