Cudworth LIFT Health Centre

As part of the NHS LIFT scheme, Cudworth Health Centre is one of a new breed of multi-use facilities designed to bring together a range of amenities covering general medical, community health and social services.

Architect: Pearce Bottomley Architects
Fabricator/Installer: Bonam and Berry
Client: NHS Barnsley

The design of the Cudworth Centre is light, friendly and welcoming, thanks to the glazed roof area. Dualframe Roof was specified not only because the system is designed to cope with the loads generated by the large spans, but also beacuse it offers a faster installation time to traditional curtain walling.

Once the site survey had been completed, Sapa’s specialist contractor Bonam and Berry Ltd of Nottingham placed the order and the Dualframe roof team processed it using their standard manufacturing software. Ine line with standard production practice for large orders, the team carried out a test build of the roof. Everything went smoothly and all of the components were checked and packed into boxed for transport to site. The only deviation from normal was the extrusion if extra length hip bars to carer for the span involved.

Andrew Spencer of Bonam and Berry takes up the story - We worked off scaffolding erected over the 2-storey atrium. The kit format of Dualframe Roof enabled us to simply open the boxes in sequence and install the frames above the structural steelwork. The very nature of Dualframe Roof enabled us to glaze the atrium far more quickly than a curtain wall or patent glazed system. This, as we call know from the typical British weather, is a major advantage for follow on trades.

Evidence of our systems’ flexibility can be seen in numerous public buildings around the country - traditional and modern. Their slim line looks not only improve sight lines but make them ideal for refurbishment projects, especially in strict conservation areas.

Smooth lines are a key feature of our products, which mean that there are no awkward crevesses to gather dirt. A variety of hardware including anti-ligature options, allow for safety and easy cleaning, making them specially suitable for hospital applications.