Dualframe 75 Si

The DF 75 Si Casement Window suite is the first in a new generation of aluminium window and façade products. Utilising advanced polyamide thermal break technology, DF 75 Si provides high thermal performance without the need to resort to complex and costly sealed unit specifications.

The DF 75 Si Tilt-Before-Turn window is the next product in a new generation of aluminium window and façade products. Aluminium Tilt-Before-Turn windows are an ideal solution for high rise or commercial applications, combining ventilation with easy cleaning facilities and large span openings.

The DF 75 Si Reversible Window provides access to the exterior face of a vent from inside the building.
The window effectively rotates through 180 degrees outside of the building line allowing for easy cleaning of both the aluminium window frame and glazing.

Developed upon the proven DF 75 Si TBT window, the DF 75 Si Balcony window offers inward and outward opening, single and double door options. Available with both standard and low thresholds, it provides exceptional performance both thermally and for Air, Wind and Water resistance.

The DF 75 Si Concealed Vent allows the replication of fixed light aesthetics for an Aluminium opening window. This is delivered with the added benefit of reduced frame sightlines.
All this is achieved while maintaining the exceptional performance levels of the DF 75 Si range whilst utilising identical polyamide thermal break technology.

Responding to project needs and evolving market demands are key to ensuring that the DF 75 Si Window remains first choice at specification. This has led to a number of specialist solutions being developed to satisfy a particular need or project requirement.

The DF 75 Si range of windows has been developed to incorporate many specialist profiles which, when used in conjunction with many of the standard DF 75 Si vent and frame products, allow the construction of bespoke high performance window assemblies.

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