For special projects, we can offer a range of profiles that are extruded from recycled aluminium. This will enable contractors, specifiers and clients alike to benefit from using a material which has been produced using greatly reduced energy resources without compromising its physical characteristics or the fenestration design.

Within Hydro, we have our own extrusion company. We can therefore control the traceability of these recycled profiles and provide documentary evidence through the supply chain. Please discuss your project’s requirements with us at the earliest opportunity.

Recycling comes from two prime sources; scrap material from the production process and used material from products that have been removed or replaced. The life cycle of aluminium is such that end-of-use products are rare, however almost all pre-production scrap is recycled. We have the facility within Hydro to recycle over 35,000 tonnes of aluminium per year.

Only a small percentage of metal is lost during the actual recycling process, becoming aluminium oxide, which is a natural part of our environment. The recycling process itself only requires about 5% of the energy that was consumed in the production of primary aluminium. The purpose of recycling is to produce new high quality material from waste and used products in an economical and environment friendly manner.

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