Our business is aluminium. A corrosion resistant material with a unique combination of characteristics and many technical benefits. We believe that aluminium curtain walling, doors, windows and facades provide the most suitable visual and technical solutions for today's buildings. With its low weight, high strength and endless design possibilities, our commitment is to develop systems that enhance the built environment through simple fabrication.

We realise that in this context the word environment does not just mean the "green" credentials of the product, but also its contribution to the quality of built environment. The depth of thought and commitment to these aspects can be found throughout our design and manufacturing activities, from economy of materials, to waste processing, through to recycling.

We are committed to helping the building industry meet the targets set out in the Kyoto Protocol concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions from all buildings. We continue to develop advanced product designs using the latest 'thermal break' technology, to ensure compliance with relevant Building Regulations both now and in the future.

  • In excess of 40% of our UK extrusion output is manufactured from recycled billet, produced through our own re-melt facility. This recycling process uses approximately 5% of the energy used when producing primary aluminium.
  • An average of 70% of aluminium used today's buildings is already recycled.
  • 70%-98% of aluminium used in today's buildings will eventually be recycled.
  • The fundamental properties of aluminium do not change after recycling - a unique property compared to other materials.
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