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SOLEAL Next 75

Residential door

Window system for residential door


The SOLEAL Next residential door uses the same frames as the window. It provides a modern feel and let in a great amount of light. It was created with a view to offering architects and consultants an extensive range of possibilities and much creative freedom when designing a building.

SOLEAL Next residential door features:

  • Aesthetic offer with wide choice internal and external profiles
  • Large choice of colours and accessories
  • Effective thermal, acoustic and weather tightness performances
  • Large sizes
  • Reliable safety features
  • Reduced threshold for persons with disabilities

Soleal Next Kapı Broşür
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Product benefits


  • Compatible with TENTAL façade, SOLEAL Next door and all sliding systems
  • Door hinges and lock on visible vents
  • Single and double vents, inside and outside opening
  • Flush on the floor with lowering gasket (no threshold)
  • Low threshold profile to allow easy entrance for disabled people


  • Endurance: hinges tested at 200.000 cycles


  • Yükseklik: 3 m'ye kadar
  • Camlama kalınlığı: 69 mm'ye kadar
  • Dolgu ağırlığı: 160 kg'a kadar


  • SOLEAL Next is made in Hydro CIRCAL®, aluminium made with a minimum of 75% recycled end-of-life aluminium.
  • 75% recycled and 95% recyclable
  • PVC-free components
  • Cradle to Cradle®: under certification
  • Dynamic EPD available on TechDesign