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Elegance 52 SGC

Elegance 52 SGC

Intermittently Structurally Clamped Curtain Walling


Elegance 52 SGC offers a thermal enhancement to the SC solution and is a low cost alternative to full structural silicone glazing which creates a flush glazed appearance using concealed toggles.

System features of the Elegance 52 SGC System: 

  • Based on the connection and mullion drainage principles of Elegance 52 ST, the Elegance 52 SGC solution uses specialist double and triple glazed units with a silicone seal between adjacent panes for a flush glazed appearance
  • The double or triple glazed units are retained using single or double concealed toggle brackets
  • Double and triple glazed units incorporate an intermittent and system specific channel profile around the perimeter. Toggle brackets are located and secured directly into the nosing of the mullion and transom profiles
  • This solution provides a highly thermal and economic alternative to traditional structurally glazed curtain walls and creates a flush surface appearance

Product benefits


  • Air Tightness - AE1800
  • Water Tightness - RE 1800
  • Wind Resistance - 2000 Pa
  • Impact Resistance - I5 / E%