Sapa update on the Corona virus situation


Sapa update on the Corona virus situation

We are currently experiencing an unreal situation, influencing our business and private life in a way we have not experienced before. The situation is continuously changing, and the long-term consequences of the corona virus is not possible to predict. In Sapa we are, having the health of employees’ and partners as priority, acting quickly on the changing conditions to serve our customers in a safe and best possible way. We are doing the outmost to maintain production and deliveries to customers throughout the region. As we speak Wicona and Sapa is operating as normal and there is currently no disruption of deliveries, says Gøte Johannes Nordh, VP of the Hydro Building Systems, region North.

Sapa is one of the building brands of Hydro, a global company with 36 000 employees and operations in more than 40 countries and follow the guidelines from the parent company. The situation is developing quickly, and Hydro is continuously evaluating a wide range of mitigating actions. We are acting to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus, while safeguarding employees, operations and deliveries to customers. Operational impact is currently limited, but significant market uncertainty combined with government-imposed restrictions are expected to affect operations. Sapa is following recommendations from local and international health authorities, monitors the situation and updates contingency plans to avoid disruptions and secure deliveries to customers. Follow the news updates on Hydros website

Thank you to our employees, customers and suppliers for their good cooperation, willingness to change and the courage shown. It is more important than ever that we in partnership find good solutions, give a little extra and fight this challenge together!

Gøte Johannes Nordh
VP Hydro Building System, Region North