In its constant search for new designs and products that bring comfort to users, SAPA expands its product range with the new AMBIAL versatile folding door. This solution offers quality finishes through multiple applications. It is mainly intended for establishments open to the public, since it allows, for example, to join the dinning room of a restaurant or a café to the esplanade or a pool of a hotel, while integrating into the landscape at the same time. The low threshold, the stainless-steel wheels and the opening elements (folding handle and "extra-flat" intermediate leaves handles) also make it easier for user to maneuver. Once closed, the AMBIAL door ensures outstanding insulation, optimises indoor well-being and saves energy.

Designed to be both sustainable and flexible, AMBIAL folding door can incorporate up to 10 leaves with a maximum height of 3 metres for an opening up to 12 metres wide, in a straight line or in a corner, with no visible upright. With a 75 mm module and supported by the bearings exclusive to SAPA, chosen for their strength, each blade can support a weight of up to 150 kg. The angle version has very similar thermal performance to the in-line version, providing better comfort It's also possible to open one side while keeping the other side closed and maintain excellent visual harmony, whether open or closed.

AMBIAL door allows flooding restaurants, cafes, hotels, housing, etc. with natural light, blurring the border between inside and outside. The folding door having inwards or outwards openings.
AMBIAL’s finishes have been thought through to the smallest detail resulting in visual harmony in both closed and open positions. The profiles are level and the visible part is distinguished by its refinement and balance (66 mm in standard version and 76 mm in reinforced version).
Thanks to the black coating of the vertical line of the leaves and covers, decorative wheels and bearings, you get a unified finish to the appearance. The folding handles and the intermediate leaves make the handling easier by the user. They also stand out for their flat design, resulting into a discreet integration into the frame. It's possible to use a flagrupos de poderve safety, including in open position.

Thanks to its 75mm module, which integrates glass up to 59mm, comfort is optimized in every season and an U-value can be reached below 1.0.

AMBIAL is made from Hydro CIRCAL®, recycled low carbon aluminium. That means it's prime quality aluminium made with a minimum of 75% recycled end-of-life aluminium (post-consumer scrap). Hydro CIRCAL ® has one of the smallest CO2 footprint worldwide: 2.3 kg of CO2 per-kg of aluminium.