Lindesberg Hälsocenter maximize natural light with an indoor park framed with glass facades and glass roof


Lindesberg Hälsocenter maximize natural light with an indoor park framed with glass facades and glass roof

The architecture of well-being is not something new. Some would say it already started in the beginning of early 20th century as a part of the modern movement. Healthy housing was a core concept already then, and a lot of buildings were built in the endeavor to improve well-being through design. The common thread of this type of architecture is copious amounts of natural light, views of the outside and the use of top modern technology. Lindesberg Hälsocenter is no exception, the building was designed with modern technology tools such as daylight simulation, energy calculations and analyses of microclimate etc.

Lindesberg Hälsocenter, located in Sweden, is beautifully designed with wooden panel combined with an aluminium glass facade, natural concrete and a glass and grass roof. The building consists of two main facilities – the residential part and the health care center, and they are connected through a dazzling glass gallery that goes by the name “Gallery of Senses”. The atrium is the core of the building and is the natural rendezvous. To enter either of the facilities, one must walk through the gallery and enter from inside. The purpose of this is to create a protected environment, which creates a tranquil city dwelling. “Gallery of Senses” is technically an inner park environment, but to visitors and tenants in and outside is merged thanks to large glass sections. Walking through the building, natural light is flooding in from almost everywhere, not only through the glass roof, but also from large glass sections and even parts of the floor which is made of glass. Natural light had a big role to play already in the design phase, all 32 units even get a view towards the sky thanks to all the glass sections constructed in the building. This project is carefully designed and equipped not only with beautiful materials, but also with functions considerate to sustainability. Throughout the project, energy calculations and day light simulations have been made with regards of environmental building certifications. A part of the building’s energy comes from the solar panels on the roof. The residential part has been awarded according to SGBC environmental building silverand the health care center has been awarded according to SGBC environmental building gold. Lindesberg Hälsocenter is a natural connection point not only because of the different type of facilities, but also because of the proximity to nature, the railroad and the travel center. No matter if you live in the building or not, this should be your “go-to” place when craving a harmonious minute.

SAPA’s 4150 system together with laminated glass was used for the facade parts in order to meet the high sound level demands. The roof was built with SAPA 5050 and is constructed to be energy friendly and self-cleaning. The doors, SAPA 2086 and SAPA 2050, was also from SAPA.

Architect: White Architects
Metal builder: Glaslindberg Facade
Products: Facade SAPA: 4150, Roof: SAPA 5050, Doors SAPA 2086 & SAPA 2050
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman &White

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