House of Choice, Scandinavians first 0-energy hotel building covered by a circular thinking.


House of Choice, Scandinavians first 0-energy hotel building covered by a circular thinking.

Sustainable and eco-friendly buildings are and will be the mainly focus when we are talking about the future cities based on greener solutions with a circular economy in mind. House of Choice in Stockholm, Sweden, is the first 0-energy hotel building in Scandinavia. The project is covered by solar cells as well as recycled aluminium facades. “Our approach of what has already been built have to change and the industry needs to shift from linear processes into more circular flows, where recycling and reusing of materials need to be set in focus.” Says Raimo Joss, White Arkitekter. Den 11 våningar höga byggnaden är ritad av White Arkitekter. Ett besök på hotellet ska inspirera till ett hållbart sätt att leva vare sig du övernattar på hotellet, bor i long-stay lägenheterna, tränar på gymmet eller jobbar på kontoret. “Vi vill gärna visa vägen med House of Choice och integrera hållbara lösningar i arkitekturen genom att förena ny teknik med ett mer traditionellt byggande” Säger Petter Wesslander, White Arkitekter.

The 11-storey building has been designed by White Arkitekter. A visit to the hotel will provide inspiration for sustainable living, whether you’re staying the night at the hotel, renting a long-stay apartment, working out at the gym or working at the office. “We want to show the way with House of Choice and integrate sustainable solutions in the architecture by combining new technology with a more traditional construction”. Says Petter Wesslander, White Arkitekter.

The building will stand out due to its angled design and its dark grid cladding. The facade features an urban brick base. A framework with integral solar panels and facade lighting and featuring a bright upper section that contrasts with the building’s muted exterior. It’s a cohesive unit with a staggered roof, reflecting the project’s strong energy profile and numerous solar panels. “The zero-energy concept has characterized the entire project, from the time that we signed the contract until now, when to complete the building and further into the daily use of it.”
Says Maria Jansson, Fabege.

2,500 square meters of solar cells will provide electricity for a year that is enough for an electric car to drive more than 40 laps around the earth. This means that the hotel has the most solar cells in the world in relation to its size.

In addition to the basic factors to align with the zero energy, that is about to get a compact building volume to keep a low energy consumption, as keep a well-insulated facade for reducing the need of heating, reduce solar radiation to minimize the need for cooling combined with solar cell technology in the right place, on roofs as well as in the façade. Our goal has been to reduce the use of materials as much as possible. And to use the right material at the right place. Even if it is about recycled aluminum in the facade or to use wood indoors, where you can touch and feel the material. Says Petter Wesslander, White Arkitekter.

Project: House of Choice, Arenastaden, Solna
Develover: Fabege
Arkchitect: White Arkitekter
Construction Contractor: SKANSKA
Facade Contractor: Glas Lindberg / Alab
Solar Cells: ML System
Products: SAPA 4150, SAPA 5050
Aluminium Alloy: Hydro CIRCAL