Torvbråten Skole is the new benchmark for future schools - BBC even made a documentary about it


Torvbråten Skole is the new benchmark for future schools - BBC even made a documentary about it

Hundven-Clements Photography


Universally designed to accommodate everyone – Torvbråten Skole is a place both for learning, and to learn from. There’s sometimes a narrow sliver on cognitive development, traditional subjects such as match and reading are often thought of when it comes to children’s education. Learning is not only academic, it’s also social and emotional. The school set high environmental standards, both regarding the environmental architecture and social sustainability.

Torvbråten Skole is Norway’s second school building to achieve the “Svenenmerkede Skolebygg”. Children’s brain capacity develops in a safe and inspiring environment. Thoroughly planned – the building focuses on energy, CO2 emissions and the 470 students that would fit in the building. The school is created to facilitate diversity, and tolerance is a key word. To achieve this, a sharp focus is put on the architecture to favor this endeavor. Different classrooms are created for the purpose of giving the students that extra attention that they might need, that could for example be singing lessons.

“Torvbråten Skole is a pioneer project for future school buildings, and the main goal is to create great life quality and sustainable development. The school shall be a great place for both students, employees and the locals – and it should be as sustainable as possible” says Lene Conradi in Asker municipality from a Nohrco pressrelease.

The undulating shapes of the 6700 m2 building blends beautifully into the environment. The look and feel of the building create a pleasant view for the eye, and the interior parallels that vibe with its soft forms and exposed solid wood. From inside there’s a great view over the forest and land, the nature surrounding the building almost works as an extension of the school yard, and the Norwegian nature is available for students both during breaks and school lessons.

“Thanks to a great cooperation with Veidekke and participant consultants we’ve created a building with several innovative and future solutions never been thought of in similar buildings from the past. This has resulted in synergy effects through creation of a high quality learning environment with more knowledge of sustainability2, says Jon-Erling Johanessen from LINK Arkitektur.

Architect: LINK Arkitektur
Metal builder: Veidekke
SAPA Solutions: SAPA 2086 SX / 2086 EI 30 Doors, SAPA 1086 SX / 1086 EI30 Window, SAPA 4150 Facade

Photography: Hundven-Clements Photography