With light and wellbeing as a focus – the city of Lindesberg invested huge in a school building


With light and wellbeing as a focus – the city of Lindesberg invested huge in a school building

Education is undeniably important for our future. A child’s learning shapes people of tomorrow. Scientific studies show that the environment of a school has a positive impact on the student (and teachers) wellbeing - it reduces stress, school absence and some even say environment is a key factor when it comes to student’s performance. Lindesberg municipality made their largest investment in history, making sure Lindbackaskolan will have the best conditions for the students and their future. 

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Lindabackaskolan opens their doors in august 2021. It’s an impressive building with a total area of 17 700 m² and will act as a school centrum in Lindesberg. The entire centrum will house 1100 students, and besides classroom there’ll also be two sports halls, connection to the hockey hall, and an outdoor arena available also for associations outside the school world. The construction work has not only been ongoing indoors, a new outdoor environment was also created for school activities, meeting locations, sport facility, playgrounds etc.

“Lindabackaskolan is the biggest project Rockpart ever had, we’ve worked with this for over 2 years and it’s been an exciting project with many challenges” says Anders, CEO at Rockpart.

The school is designed not just for the benefit of learning, but also for the eye. The school contains 4 big atriums which you can enter from inside the building, with the sky acting as a roof.

“The greatest challenge was to mount all glass facades inside these 4 big light courtyards. One glass section broke, so we had to be creative with solutions since we couldn’t use cranes or other big machines, but it worked out perfectly and the school can now use 4 incredible atriums” continues Anders at Rockpart.

Lindabackaskolan will be a building with large and bright surfaces, making sure students will have the best conditions for their time in school.

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Anders Larsson, CEO Rockpart

Contractor: Lindesberg's Bygg AB
Architect: SWECO Architects AB och PE Teknik & Arkitektur AB
Metal builder: Rockpart AB
SAPA-Products: Facade 4150 and fire door 2086