Skærbæk Skole in Denmark– designed to be compatible to the “21st Century Learning Skills”


Skærbæk Skole in Denmark– designed to be compatible to the “21st Century Learning Skills”

As we’re education students in this era called “the Information Age”’, we need to be considerate to the lightning-pace of modern markets. We need to armor our students with the right tools in order to simply keep up. The theory of the 21st century learning skills are divided into 12 skills, with all one quality in common – internet. Skærbæk Skole in Denmark is designed in consideration of these different skills, divided into the three categories; 1) Learning skills, 2) Literacy skills and 3) Life skills.  

Photographer: Thomas Illemann

Skærbæk Skole is a 6000 square meter big school, designed with focus on a healthy student life. The school will house around 575 students from 6 to 15 years old. It’s a 2-story building with an observatory available for the public. There’ll be two buildings connected with a square creating a natural meeting spot for everyone.

The school is beautifully located between the sea Vadehavet and the urban city, and besides the modern bright classrooms, the school also has learning spaces outdoors. A modern education is connected to exercise, and also to nature. Skærbæk Skole is designed to give students the best prerequisites for modern learning.

“At SAPA and Hydro Building Systems, we have sustainability as our top priority. We are therefore pleased to say that we can offer profile systems with at least 75% recycled aluminum from previously used products. The circular economy must be at the center when we build the bright and user-friendly homes and commercial buildings of the future,” says Jan Møller Madsen, Sales Manager at SAPA.

Architect: Friis & Molke
SAPA Customer: Ejnar Christiansen Sølsted A/S
SAPA Products : Façade 4150, Døre 2086, Vinduer 1086